Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to Hobby Economist Blog

All my life, I studied in humanities and Economics was my most favorite subject in high school and college. When the time of studying in University came, I had the opportunity to any subject in my university but I selected English Literature and Language instead of Economics. Well, I live in a poor country and my parents felt (and I agreed) that English has better prospect than any other subject in the humanities field in terms of career prospect. There was a second reason too. I wanted to be a journalist or a writer and English seemed to be a better choice. I even wanted to study journalism and English seemed to the best option for my future.  

I am happy that I decided to study English literature because it gave a career boost to someone like me who comes from a lower middle class background. On the other hand, I have got some skill in this language. This skill of English has helped me a lot to be passionate about knowledge and information. The reality is that you cannot find enough good quality books on any subject in any language in South Asia from where I come from. So, studying English in university level has given me a good base for the future.

I have been professionally blogging for more than 3 years and I always tried to write something related to South Asian Business. I still have blog about this topic and the url is:

A couple of my entries got linked by two leading blogs on Economics: Mariginal Revolution and Economist’s View. I felt very happy for this matter and my interest and passion grew about Economics. That is why; I decided to open this blog.

You may be surprised with the name of this blog: Hobby Economist. Well, I liked the name because it correctly depicts my condition. On the one hand, I like to become some day a real economist and until that time, it is just my hobby.

What will be featured in this blog? I like to mainly write about the US economy. I have to admit that I am not an expert on this field. However, I know that I am a keen observer of US economy and I have tried to remain updates about US economy for the last 2 decades. Of course, being updated means reading reports and columns on newspapers or listening about US economy in BBC Radio, BBC World Television Channel and CNN- nothing academic; rather pure hobby.

In our time, US economy is totally related to the global economy. You cannot separate them. Whenever, you want to discuss about European economy or Asian economy, sooner or later you will find the relationship with America.

I like to write for the ordinary readers. If you are looking for some serious discussion or observation then this blog may not satisfy you. Still, you are most welcome here because at the end of the day, economics is one of the most important things that govern our personal and social life. 

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  1. Very nice work Razib. I will be following your blog. I found your blog via the Economist View link. Continued good fortune on your work.
    Sincerely - Evelyn (Troy, Missouri)