Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stephanie Flanders about UK Economy and General Election

Stephanie Flanders is the economics editor of BBC. I think that it was in 1988 March or April that I started to listen to BBC World Service Radio and I still have to the habit of considering BBC as my number one source for news. The only thing that has changed is that at that time, I used to listen to radio but I watch now the same thing perhaps in TV. Stephanie Flanders has written an excellent entry in her blog: Going to the country.

She has mainly discussed about the condition of the British economy and its impact on the upcoming general election. A parliament election is perhaps due and the announcement can come any day in the next few months. The opposition Conservative Party wants an immediate election because now they are in a very strong position in the opinion polls.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in desperate condition in every way. On the one hand, his government is facing a lot of criticism over too much expenses by some MPs. Then, the condition of the economy is becoming from bad to worse. Almost every week, the Britons hear some kind of negative news about their economy.

Poor Mr. Brown. He is at the wrong time in wrong job. He contributed immensely behind the success of Tony Blair’s government. Now, because of economic recession, he is helpless about the economy.

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