Monday, May 11, 2009

Can Health Care industry Save $2 Trillion for Obama?

It is big news now in USA that health care industry is going to join US government’s effort to ensure a better form by saving a lot of money. Barack Obama has got the support of almost all the stakeholders of this industry and they have informed him with collective effort, in the next 10 years, $2 trillion will be saved. This news will surely make many people in USA very happy. America may be the richest country on earth but the reality is that nearly 50 million people still do not have health insurance.

We have to wait for the next few days about the detailed plan. It is still not clear how this huge amount of money will be saved. The basic idea is cutting cost and using the resources more efficiently. It is still not clear that what extra ordinary things will be done now that could not be done until now by the same industry.

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