Monday, May 18, 2009

Healthcare is less Important than Global Warming

One of the perhaps major problem about US economy is that misplaced attention and focus are given in some basic things. Many people, business leaders and political leaders give a lot of importance to healthcare issues. Still millions of people in the country cannot afford to have insurance. Obama has got the private sector with him but I do not think that any significant change will happen in this regard in the next 4 years. I have this kind of idea because the decision makers do not want to accept some real facts. Just look at the fast food and junk food industries. What benefit does a soft drink bring? What benefit does a burgher or pizza bring?

On the other hand, global warming is something that is really affecting the world but many people in the country want to close their eyes. They forget that being healthy means living in a good and clean environment. If the environment gets polluted then it will bring hazard for every American and the financial cost will be huge. So, they must focus on the environment more. If they want to avoid this problem then in future it will become bigger and will bring disaster. More than everything else, environment is directly related to health.

So, instead of arguing about the global warming and climate change, the decision makers should sit to find to minimize the negative impacts.

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