Thursday, May 21, 2009

Healthcare Costs Going Up even During Economic Recession

In the time of recession, people are struggling and trying to just maintain a normal life. Seeing the job loss data does not make anyone happy or does not bring any hope or assurance in the mind of ordinary people. You have perhaps already noticed that the price of oil has decreased substantially in the last one year not only in the US but also in whole world. So, the price of many things has decreased. However, the only thing that is still rising is the cost of healthcare in America. Because of high cost, now, almost 50 million Americans do not have health insurance.

Obama government has taken this issue seriously and they could get the industry on board too. However, there is no sign of hope because there is danger that unless something substantial and effectives steps are taken, the number of uninsured people in this sector may increase to nearly 65 million within 10 years. What is very confusing to me is that during time of economic recession how healthcare cost go up. It shows that there is some problem in this sector and US government needs to address it seriously. A new bill is on the card from the Democratic party but it will not receive support from the industry and the Republicans.

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