Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nature and Urban Life: Absolute Write Blog Chain June 2009

This is the time for an Absolute Write Blog Chain. It is a blog chain without any theme. So, you can expect some dramatic change in tone and topic as the blog chain progresses.

I am starting June blog chain with this entry. The last few days were full of stress for me. It is very hot in my country. Monsoon Rain was supposed to come last week and it has not come yet. 2 weeks ago, I had to take my wife to a hospital because she became sick from summer heat. Today, she again felt weak and I became afraid. Fortunately, I did not need to take her to the hospital again. Even I am not well these days. I live in a city with more than 10 million people and like any urban dweller; I have lost touch with nature. Air conditioner is out of my ability and electric fan is the best thing that I can afford. This problem has made me think about nature.

I am now 34 years old and when I was 10-11 years old, there were just half the amount of people in my city. There were many more trees and nature summer was more moderate. I know that many people in Europe and America like to believe that there is nothing called global warming. Well, I can tell you from my experience that it is real. Climate has really changed a lot in the last 2 decades. It is true that the people in my own society and country have a lot of contribution in global warming but at the same time, too much consumption of resources in the rich Western countries is the main villain behind the changing nature of global climate.

In USA, I think that there are more than 700 cars against 1,000 persons. In my own country, it is not even 5 cars against 1000 persons. I have no complain against US consumers. They work hard and they enjoy life with their hard earned money. Not only that, we the people living in the third world countries, have our own fair share of bad activities to harm nature.

All I know is that we do not live in an isolated world any more. I wish that our political leaders and decision makers could come to this realization.

Next in blog chain is Fokker Aeroplanbau in his blog: I'm Always Right, Far Right

I wonder what he will say about it.

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  2. sorry-was in idiot in first attempt at this: Excellent start to the chain, Razib. You're right, we all need to look at what impact our daily lives have on our earth. I think even though American and European countries have laws in place to control dumping or smog production, we make them null and voice through sheer over-production/over-packaging/over-consumption, etc.


  3. Thanks for your comment. Sadly, there is a blatant disregard of law and ethics everywhere when it comes to environmental issues.

  4. I have to agree about the climate change, I was just talking about this to some friends a few days ago.

    I hope your wife is feeling better. I can totally sympathize because I don't handle excessive heat well either.

  5. Hope your wife feels better and of course you're right about the climate change, though I'm not yet sure if it's not just natural change and really fully caused by human beings. I mean there have always been drastic changes, like ice ages and things like that. But I do believe we are destroying the planet.

  6. Well the people of the world are still struggling to catch up to the globalization that we were plunged into with the whole technological advances, so there might be a lag in communication.

    But yeah, something's got to be done.

  7. I think it might be a bit of both. Meteorology has only been a science for about 150 years or so. Perhaps the Earth is going through a natural change and people's impact is just intensifying it.

    This is not to say I think people should do nothing about the environment so don't take it that way. I think we need to do all that we are able. I try to buy organic and I participate in Freecycle in my area. In fact, I'll be posting my twin four poster bed on Freecycle to see if anyone wants it. It's a good program and is all over the states. Just google freecycle.

    I hope your wife is feeling better. Here in Florida temperatures are already in the upper 90's and summer only just started.

  8. C R Ward,
    My wife is now better.
    If it is not man-made then we cannot do anything. However, if there is anything we can do then we should do it before it is too late.
    We really should at least try to know about it.
    My country has almost similar climate like Florida- hot and rain.

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