Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why Yahoo is Making Less Profit than Google?

It seems that in USA, Yahoo is viewed by almost same number of visitors like Google but still, Google makes much more profit than Yahoo. According to David Goldman of CNN Money:

Yahoo reaches 80% of Internet users -- same as Google -- but its focus on content over search has yielded a lower profit than its rival. Is that misguided or bold?

I don’t think that the matter is that simple. It is true that Google is behind when it comes to content but what we should not forget is that with Adsense and Blogger, Google has helped to create bloggers like me to create content. Yahoo is following old style business method. I live in a third world country and still, I can earn my livelihood with Adsense and Blogger. The best part is that it is absolute free. On the other hand, it is impossible to do such thing with Yahoo.

So, what is happening is that Yahoo is providing content but not helping people like me. On the other hand, Google is helping thousands of people like me to produce content in Internet and then making money through our efforts.

I have no complain against Google and instead, I am perhaps grateful to them that I can earn some money with their support. No Wonder, Google is making more profit than Yahoo.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swine Flu Crisis: More Panic Less Attack

Now, in many countries of Asia, millions of people are afraid of the possible outbreak of Swine Flu. Well, the main problem is that people do not have adequate knowledge about this disease. So, they think it is very bad and it can kill many. However, I like to state here that until now, very few people have died from this disease. In fact, many more people die from fever and mosquito or water born diseases each year.

The media can play a vital role in dispersing the fear. If people become afraid then they lose mental strength. There is some kind of medicine for this disease and you can find more information here:

Swine Flu Vaccine Seems Safe in Early Trials

So, do not panic please.